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Tips From Memogenda Users

I type a phone list on excel and tape in the front cover.
— John Dempsey, NY

I constantly write down numbers in the text of my memogenda. To make sure I can find them easily, I highlight them with Yellow marker.
— Sue Jackson, LA

I use two Memogendas a year, so the very first page and last page I put a start and end date. When the book is full I tape my business card on the front with the start and stop dates for the completed Memogenda.
— Tim Stenhardt, Chicago

I make a list of my passwords in code and tape to last page of my Memogenda.
— Rod Devine, NY

I asked my business associates to compare the cost of their PDA, Day-Timer's and my Memogenda. I win. For $15 bucks, try it before you invest in anything else.
— Steve Anderson, Denver

As I start each day, I note what is going on my life. I figure someday, my kids may want to see the closest thing to a diary that I have.
— Nancy Shapiro

I bought a beautiful calf-skin cover for $150 for my Memogenda I wish I had seen your new $30 leather cover first.
— Tony Satton, Myrtle Beach

I travel a lot and make reservations well in advance. I use the left hand page for the details and then circle in red so I can quickly get to reservation numbers.
— R.C. Smyth, London

I carry a leather padfolio with the Memogenda one side and a Month at a Glance Calendar on the other, that's all I need.
— Kim Sussman, NY

I staple my most important business cards on the note page side of the Memogenda.
— Todd Jones, St. Louis

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