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  • Start your Memogenda any time of the year. It is not tied down to any dates.

  • Enter tasks to do on right hand pages, such as appointments, duties, assignments, ideas, plans, projects. Be sure to use only one line to each item so you can see at a glance which items are not done.

  • Additional notes may be put on the left hand page and tied to agenda items by showing the page and line number. The left page is for all types of notes, telephone numbers, quotations, reference material, etc.

  • Check out each item as completed, transferred or abandoned. To clear page, transfer unfinished items to a page ahead.

  • Future Items: When nothing can be done about an item for some time enter it a page or two ahead of your current items. You can capture valuable ideas this way.

  • Current Page: After a page is cleared, cut the lower right hand corner off... makes it easy to find the current page.

  • Special Projects: When working on large projects you can assign a whole page to it, putting the title at the top of the page, then break it up into smaller parts. These smaller parts can be brought back to a current page for action.

  • Reference Column: This column is to be used for (a) date, or (b) to whom the item was referred or (c) page and line number where other data will be found.

  • Urgent items or ones with deadlines can be emphasized by putting the date in the "due" column.

  • Annual Check Chart: This form provides a space for every day in the year. You can assign a subject for each of these codes such as "A" for anniversaries, "B" for birthdays, "C" for due dates. Then assign one day each month, quarter or year for taking care of each coded item by marking the letter in the proper date space.

  • Monthly Check Chart: This is useful for jobs that must be repeated at regular intervals, for checkup on systems, or for checking regular payments. The item to be checked can be assigned to a definite day in the month.

  • Transfer To New Memogenda: Some users transfer complete pages like the telephone list by pasting it into the new book. When projects last over several books, they paste the page from an old book into the corresponding page in the new book.

  • Telephone and Reference Index: Put the first letter of the name or the project in the proper column. It is then easier to locate any item even though the list is not in alphabetical order.

  • Special Form: To transfer your special form to a Memogenda page use a pin to poke holes through your design on to the Memogenda page. Then it will be easy to rule in the lines and letter in the heading.

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