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Why Memogenda?

The Memogenda is designed to solve a specific set of needs. It is designed to get the user to complete tasks in a complete and timely manner. Regardless of your profession or avocation, using a regular method of making a list of "things to do" is an effective first step to getting things done. Memogenda pages are designed to record the action list and provide space for notes relating to the tasks. The Memogenda page is not complete until all tasks are completed, transferred or abandoned. It is important that the Memogenda provides a permanent and bound record of your tasks, notes, and related information.

Who Uses Memogenda?

The benefits of the Memogenda apply to anyone who has a desire and need to be organized on a daily basis and needs a regular method to remind them of the tasks ahead. The Memogenda was originally designed for use by people in business. Current Memogenda users range from Administrative Staff, Customer Service, Sales, Operations, Human Resources and Senior Management in small to large businesses. Employees of over half of the Fortune 500 companies use the Memogenda. Although designed for use in business, the Memogenda is used by a wide variety of people and professions. The current Memogenda customer base includes Lawyers/Legal Staff, Public Administrators, Teachers/University Staff, Non-profit Organizations, Small Business Owners, U.S. Government and all Branches of the Armed Forces, Real Estate, Municipalities, Health and Medical, Construction, Students and Retirees.

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